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Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness is your premier source for chiropractic care in Davidson and the surrounding areas, including Charlotte, Concord, Skybrook, Huntersville, Highland Creek, and Moss Creek. We help patients who suffer from a variety of health issues. Chiropractic services can help traditional back and neck problems, however, chiropractors have also produced amazing results with a variety of additional health problems. From pediatric to geriatric patients, Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness Center welcomes all individuals and families.

To be a patient at Inspire Chiropractic, is there an age requirement?

There is no age requirement to become a practice member at Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Dan has worked with newborns only hours into their life as well as patients as old as 104! Dr. Dan has taken specialized coursework on pediatric care through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) in order to better serve the pediatric population as well as expectant mothers.

Do you offer weekend and evening hours?

We understand that our patients have busy lives that leave little room for self-care, which is why we have extended evening hours for your convenience. Inspire Chiropractic & Wellness is currently open during the evening Monday through Thursday.  We also offer weekend appointments on Saturday morning by appointment only.

Does your practice offer same day appointments?

Yes! Inspire Chiropractic & Wellness offers same-day appointments for new and existing patients. New patients are encouraged to fill out their paperwork online to expedite the first-day procedures in our office.

Is chiropractic safe for pregnant women?

Chiropractic is very safe for pregnant women, provided the doctor is proficient in techniques designed specifically for expectant mothers. Dr. Wilson is certified in Webster’s technique–a safe and gentle technique utilized to balance the normal biomechanics of the spine and pelvis in order to create a more suitable environment for the developing baby. It not only helps release pain and tension in the mother but can also be very successful at aiding breech or transverse positioned babies to assume a vertex position. The earlier a woman begins chiropractic care during or prior to pregnancy, the better the outcome tends to be. Pregnant mothers under chiropractic care also report a 2-hour shorter labor time as compared to those not under chiropractic care during their pregnancy.