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Injuries & Conditions

Carpel Tunnel Icon
Carpal Tunnel
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very painful progressive condition caused by nerve compression in the wrist.
Disc Degeneration
Disc Degeneration
Your quality of life can be severely impacted by a disc problem.
Disc Herniation
Disc Herniation
Often times people believe that the only choice of treatment is surgery for disc herniations.
Frozen Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder
The onset of the injury can be slow, but with treatment we can get you back to your activities quickly.
Headaches & Migraines
Headaches — including migraines — are one of the most common ailments suffered by individuals.
This type of situation is not only uncomfortable but many times will impact your day to day activities.
Rehab Therapy
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Patients can be given a cocktail of medication in order to deal with the pain and inflammation that can occur due to a whiplash injury.