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About Dr. Brandon Mahaffy


Dr. Brandon’s calling to be a chiropractor became clear to him when he visited his hometown chiropractor at the age of 17. Dr. Brandon developed low back pain and didn’t think that was normal for someone at his young age. That is when his chiropractor educated him about where health comes from and how the body heals. After only a few weeks his low back pain had completely disappeared!

However, he continued going to the chiropractor because of his Chiropractor’s passion in educating him on the importance of a properly functioning nervous system for a healthy life. Week after week he started to “feel better” even though he didn’t think he was unhealthy before.

Only a short six months later he realized his headaches had completely stopped (which he was having almost daily and taking pain killers that have negative side effects.) He also noticed that sinus issues that had been causing pain and discomfort had subsided.

Dr. Brandon also struggled with TMJ pain; he tried many treatments and even surgery to reduce his symptoms. Little did he know a specific Chiropractic adjustment was the missing piece. Stress on Dr. Brandon’s nervous system was causing these symptoms! This stress on his nervous system was not allowing his body to adapt, recover and heal as God intended. After these life-changing visits to his chiropractor, he knew Chiropractic was about much more than neck and back pain, but about health and life!