Injuries caused by sports are common and can affect not only the spine but many other areas of the body. Dr. Dan Wilson is trained in treating many conditions effecting the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, ankles and feet with chiropractic adjusting and soft tissue techniques. Dr. Dan understands the importance of good biomechanics and making sure that these injuries do not disrupt the kinetic chain, or the way your body moves as a whole, and will address not only the area of injury but the whole body to make sure you recover and achieve peak performance.

  • Whiplash Treatment

    Many times patients will be given a cocktail of medication in order to deal with the pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation that can occur due to a whiplash injury. However, while these medications address the symptoms of whiplash many times there can be underlying structural or neurological issues that arise from whiplash.

  • Sciatic Relief

    Due to the specific nature of sciatic symptoms it is important to be evaluated to see what the best form of treatment is for your situation. Many times chiropractic care is the least invasive, most effective and cost effective treatment for the issue. A thorough consultation and evaluation is necessary to determine the best treatment options for you.

  • Frozen shoulder treatment

    Although the onset of the injury can be slow, with treatment in our office we can get you back to your activities quickly. Our office utilizes techniques to break up the scar tissue in the shoulder and start the process of rehabilitating normal mobility in the shoulder so that symptoms of pain and decreased movement start to get better fast.

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