About Dr. Brian Mabry

Meet Davidson Family Chiropractor – Dr. Brian Mabry

Originally from Mansfield, Ohio, Dr. Brian Mabry and his wife fell in love with Columbus, Ohio while they both attended The Ohio State University. He earned his Bachelors in Biology and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, which is located just north of Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Brian Mabry graduated with honors including being awarded the “Belief Systems and Performance Award”, which is based upon one of the eight core proficiencies of the university.

Dr. Brian Mabry was turned onto chiropractic as he learned of ways to improve health naturally, without drugs and surgery. He realized that our bodies are self-healing, self-regulating, and self-maintaining organisms, and that chiropractic is the best method of care to maximize our body’s potential. Dr. Brian Mabry uses the safest, most researched, and most effective methods of chiropractic to help you achieve your wellness goals. He enjoys providing chiropractic and natural healthcare to people of all ages and conditions; ranging from newborns and infants, pregnant mothers, athletes, auto/work injuries, elderly, and even people with no symptoms at all (wellness care)! Also an expert in nutrition and exercise, he puts a strong emphasis on diet and staying active, as they are essential for a long healthy life.

When he’s not at hard at work trying to improve the community’s health, he enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa, staying fit, watching sports, and being outdoors.

Dr. Brian Mabry is here to serve you, your needs, and your health goals. He hopes you will allow him to help you achieve your optimal health, and welcomes you to the Inspire Chiropractic family!