Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries

How a Chiropractor Can Help After an Auto Accident

Injuries caused by auto accidents must be taken care of as soon as possible. Research shows that even a 5 MPH car accident can cause microfractures in the spine. Small accidents and more damaging accidents affect the spine in many different ways including whiplash injuries to the neck and low back and lead to headaches, neck or low back pain, or even nerve related issues in the arms and legs.

Sometimes these symptoms do not come on for 7 to 10 years following a car accident. By then, the damage has already set in and can cause long term health effects that could have been prevented with care following the accident.




Our office treats many patients as a result of the trauma due to car accidents. Many times the at-fault insurance company or medpay on your auto insurance policy can be utilized for treatment of conditions caused by these auto accidents with no out of pocket expense to you.

  • Whiplash Treatment

    Many times patients will be given a cocktail of medication in order to deal with the pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation that can occur due to a whiplash injury. However, while these medications address the symptoms of whiplash many times there can be underlying structural or neurological issues that arise from whiplash.

  • Sciatic Relief

    Due to the specific nature of sciatic symptoms it is important to be evaluated to see what the best form of treatment is for your situation. Many times chiropractic care is the least invasive, most effective and cost effective treatment for the issue. A thorough consultation and evaluation is necessary to determine the best treatment options for you.

  • Frozen shoulder treatment

    Although the onset of the injury can be slow, with treatment in our office we can get you back to your activities quickly. Our office utilizes techniques to break up the scar tissue in the shoulder and start the process of rehabilitating normal mobility in the shoulder so that symptoms of pain and decreased movement start to get better fast.

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