About Dr. Dan Wilson

Meet Davidson Family Chiropractor – Dr. Dan Wilson

Dr. Dan Wilson grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Throughout his life, he was an active soccer and ice hockey player, participating on the regional and state levels. It was at this time that he began to experience sciatica symptoms and leg pain. His father took him to see a chiropractor and after only a few visits his symptoms resolved. More importantly, his chronic migraine headaches also subsided and have not been an issue ever since. Dr. Dan Wilson found higher health through chiropractic, and he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to helping others achieve the same.

After receiving his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Delaware, Dr. Dan Wilson moved to Marietta, Georgia to attend the most highly renowned chiropractic school in the country- Life University. During his time at Life University, Dr. Dan Wilson focused his studies in pregnancy and pediatrics, as well as helping athletes recover from injuries and improve their overall performance. He was also active in mission work, helping to bring Chiropractic to under-served countries such as the Dominican Republic and Trinidad. Through Chiromission, Dr. Dan Wilson and a group of 30 other doctors were able to deliver chiropractic adjustments to thousands in addition to explaining the amazing healing power of the body. It was also at Life University where he met his future wife and chiropractic partner, Dr. Megan Wilson.

Since graduating in 2010, Dr. Dan Wilson has continued his mission of service through chiropractic care, education, and by mentoring others to take control of their own health. At Fieldhouse Wellness Center in Malvern, Pennsyvania, Dr. Dan Wilson trained with Dr. Frank Brady, team chiropractor for the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Flyers. Dr. Dan Wilson helped practice members achieve significant weight loss, improve their quality of life, and achieve better health than they thought possible through chiropractic care. He was also featured as a weekly guest and wellness specialist on Hope Matters Radio.

Upon getting married to his wife, Dr. Megan Wilson, and moving to Charlotte, Dr. Dan Wilson joined Omni Wellness Center in August of 2012 and has served the Mountain Island and northwest Charlotte communities for 4 years. Drs. Dan and Megan Wilson have decided to finally open a practice closer to home near the Highland Creek and Skybrook neighborhoods to make chiropractic more accessible to their neighbors and local community. They look forward to serving the community in a big way!

Aside from chiropractic, Dr. Dan Wilson enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, good food, running, CrossFit, hiking, and being an active member of his church where he serves on the production team.