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At Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness, it is our mission to elevate families to a new level of health through natural chiropractic care. We are here to empower families just like yours to achieve their optimal potential from the inside out. We focus on finding and correcting the cause of your health concern, and providing life-changing, life-long relief.

Dr. Dan and the team are here to be your family’s healthcare partner- leading and guiding you down a path of higher function and elevated health. In order to perform at its optimal level, your body needs no help, it simply requires no interference. Drs. Dan and Megan Wilson are trained to deliver a specific, neurologically-based chiropractic adjustment to patients of any age- infants through seniors, with the most gentle and long-lasting results.

Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness serves the Davidson, Highland Creek, Concord and Huntsville areas of North Caroline! We look forward to walking this health journey with you!

Accident Injuries

We are specialists in helping to relieve your pain

Injuries caused by auto accidents must be taken care of as soon as possible. Research shows that even a 5 MPH car accident can cause microfractures in the spine. Small accidents and more damaging accidents affect the spine in many different ways including whiplash injuries to the neck and low back and lead to headaches, neck or low back pain, or even nerve related issues in the arms and legs.

Sometimes these symptoms do not come on for 7 to 10 years following a car accident. By then, the damage has already set in and can cause long term health effects that could have been prevented with care following the accident.

Job Related Injuries

Treatment of the full range surgery problems

Injuries on the job are common and can affect your ability to effectively perform your job. Our Davidson chiropractic office will work with you to get you back to work as quickly as possible and will take care of any necessary FMLA paperwork or any necessary documents for your employer at our expense. Our goal is always to do what is necessary to get you back to your level of health before the injury and make sure that your body is stable enough to prevent any unnecessary relapses in your physical condition.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Resume your active and healthy lifestyle

One of the most important aspects of any treatment program is rehabilitation. Even if you are not having any pain currently our goal in our office is to rehabilitate normal structure and function of the spine. We can see you on a regular basis and adjust your subluxations, but we take what we do further.

Our Davidson chiropractic office focuses on rehabilitating normal spinal curvatures and improving normal posture with a combination of stretching, strength training, and tractioning of the spine to enhance the underlying structure and function of the spine in order to make you stronger as you progress toward true wellness.

Sports Related Injuries

Torn ACL, We can help you back on your feet!

Injuries caused by sports are common and can affect not only the spine but many other areas of the body. Dr. Dan Wilson is trained in treating many conditions effecting the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, ankles and feet with chiropractic adjusting and soft tissue techniques. Dr. Dan Wilson understands the importance of good biomechanics and making sure that these injuries do not disrupt the kinetic chain, or the way your body moves as a whole, and will address not only the area of injury but the whole body to make sure you recover and achieve peak performance.

Meet Our Chiropractic Team

Highy qualified professionals



Dr. Dan Wilson grew up in Yardley, PA. Throughout his life, he was an active soccer and ice hockey player, participating on the regional and state levels. It was at this time that he began to experience sciatica symptoms and leg pain. His father took him to see a chiropractor and after only a few visits his symptoms resolved. More importantly, his chronic migraine headaches also subsided and have not been an issue ever since.




Dr. Megan Wilson grew up in Powder Springs, GA, just minutes away from the greatest chiropractic school in the country. This is no coincidence, as she grew up in a chiropractic home. Her father and older sister both graduated from Life University and inspired Dr. Megan Wilson from a young age to help change lives through chiropractic care.




Originally from Mansfield, Ohio, Dr. Brian Mabry and his wife fell in love with Columbus, Ohio while they both attended The Ohio State University. He earned his Bachelors in Biology and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, which is located just north of Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Brian Mabry’s graduating honors include being awarded the “Belief Systems and Performance Award”, which is based upon one of the eight core proficiencies of the university.


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To be a patient at Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness, is there an age requirement?

There is no age requirement to become a practice member at Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Dan Wilson has worked with newborns only hours into their life as well as patients as old as 104! Dr. Dan Wilson has taken specialized course work on pediatric care through the ICPA(International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) in order to better serve the pediatric population as well as expectant mothers.

Do you offer weekend and evening hours?

Inspire Chiropractic and Wellness is currently open during evening hours Monday-Thursday and on Saturday morning by appointment only.


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